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                                                                                                                         My Story


 After a long career in fashion design, development and retail, I've finally taken the plunge to pursue my true love and passion, art. I am excited to see what the future holds, but there is no better feeling for me than being in the studio, paintbrush in hand, the  the smell of paint in the air, creating my next body of work.


Being a self-taught artist, my style is intentionally raw. I let my subjects  speak with their eyes, sharing some of their life’s journeys with us and in this way, we begin to understand some of the struggles and joys they have experienced. The painting is complete when the eyes follow me wherever I go in the studio!

Much of my inspiration comes from Africa, my place of birth. I still feel a deep emotional and spiritual connection to the people, the raw energy and beat of the continent, and to the incredible natural beauty and wildlife. Every painting is a journey of discovery for me, and the passion I feel while painting, helps me to dig deep.  I have been privileged to call Sydney, Australia, home for a few decades now, and am captivated by it's natural beauty, quirky wildlife, and the easy-going and hardworking multicultural society we have become. My art is also inspired by the fragility of this incredible land, with floods and fires ever present, always affecting the native wildlife and birds in the most devastating way.


My latest body of work is about the love we have for our best friends, our pets, and the way we treat them as humans. I am a huge dog lover, my dream dog being a Golden Retriever, so this is a passion project. 


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